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Fans Speak

Hi, just wanted to tell you I think you have a beautiful voice and you're appearance is flawless. One of my co-workers loves your music and has several of your songs.
Keep on bringing your inspirational music, it's soothing to the ears as well as the spirit.
- Renee coleman
Sat, Mar 12 2011
Finally got a chance to watch the fighting temptations; watched it three times after. Had to give Melba her props, i've beem around awhile (retired mil) and seen a few live performances, very happy to see her face and hear that magnificent voice again. Love to see and hear more?"
- Reggie burke
Hello Miss Moore

i saw you last week on your opening night for  "Sweet Songs of the Soul" performances in New York LEE, remember me? :)

You have touched my life so much, I just love you, your talent and courage as a person. May GOD bless you & much success today, tomorrow.

Your big fan
NY 2005
- Leandro reggiani
Tue, Mar 20 2007
Miss Moore...I saw you first about 110 years ago (lol) at the University of Connecticut, and was blown away not just by your God-given gorgeous voice, but on how long you could hold a note! You sang "The Long And Winding Road," and I bet you held that ending note for a minute and a half! I ran out the next morning, and bought "Peach Melba," which I still have on vinyl to this day. Whenever it's played, friends all want to know where they can get it. "Green Birds Fly," "I Am His Lady"...they're all just awesome. Will "Peach Melba" ever be released on CD? Bless you, Da Brat
- Da Brat
Ms. Moore, I have been a fan of yours since the musical "Hair." Years ago people used to mistake me for you. As a young woman, I would stare at the pictures on your albums for hours. By appreciating your beauty, I learned how to appreciate my own.

"Peach Melba" is one of my all time favorite albums. My old record player broke a few months ago and I found this website while searching for a site where I could purchase the CD. I love the soft, yet powerful, crystal clear clarity of your soulful voice. You are definitely one of the greatest singers of all times.

May God bless you Ms. Moore.
- Wendy Nash