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Fans Speak

May 13, 2006

Dear Melba Moore,

While I did some chores around the house this morning, I played albums (albums, not CDs) by Ella, Sarah, Lena, Nina, and you -  "A Portrait of Melba." I have to tell you, as I listened to you sing "You Are My River" and all the other songs, I kept asking myself, "Where does that remarkable voice come from? How can anyone sing so well? Where is Melba Moore right now?  I would love to attend an "Evening with Melba" performance in NYC this summer."

Therefore, I turned on my computer and Googled "Melba Moore," which brought up this site. Thank God you are still singing and, honey child, you look gorgeous. You look ageless and glowingly healthy.

Today, I will renew my support of your artistry by purchasing your latest album. Today, I will tell someone, friend or stranger, that Ms. Melba Moore is still kicking butt vocally. Today, I will think of you off-and-on, all day.

Best wishes,

Peggy Tartt
- Peggy Tartt
Dear Ms. Moore,
You have always been an inspiration to me.  I had the privilege of meeting you back in 1978  while back stage at the Circle Star Theatre in San Carlos, CA.  You made such an impression on me with your words. 
The thing you told me was "No matter what, never give up hope."  Believe me I have called upon those words many a time in my life since meeting you that evening and when I have been at my most down times,  recalling your words brought me back up.  Thank you so much for that.
By the way your performance was great  that evening and I've never forgotten the power in your beautiful voice. I wish to thank YOU for never giving up and going on with your God given talent. May you always be surrounded with God's Angels to keep you safe  from dashing your foot against any stones and  I pray you will always be under the shadow of our allmighty Heavenly Father in Christ Jesus name.
With much respect.
A. Nia Gooch
- Nia gooch
Tue, Feb 05 2008
Always a star in my book!
- Annette perry
Thu, Feb 03 2011
Your beauty is only surpassed by your rich and velvet voice. Thanks for hanging in there in a tough business and for supporting young musicians and players.
- Missy e
I have always been inspired by the song "Lean On Me".  This song reaches the very depth of my heart when I think of the people that have believed in me and given their love and support.  This song is passed from me to my children to give them courage and strength through love and support that I will be there for them.  Thank you Melba for your voice and you courage, I will always be a fan and look forward to hearing your amazing gift more in the future. Roxane G.
- Roxane glenn
Sat, Apr 03 2010