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Fans Speak

Hay Melba, you are the best !!!! For me !!!!
- Tony Stoker
Sun, Mar 21 2010
Melba, God bless you.
I'm so glad to see your still doing your thing. You are one of the pioneers who helped pave the way for people like Rihanna and all those other kids. Remember "Hair"...You have to live life in order for your music to be real. You know what I mean. Charlie Parker said if you don't live life it won't come out of your horn. God Bless you and continue the traveling the road. Musicians can't help it.
Much luv girl.......Sumba
- Elliot pineiro
Fri, Jun 12 2009
Hi Melba, I'm a fan of you for many years. We still play your music on our Soul party’s. God bless you!I’m from Frankfurt am Main, Germany.Many greetings ,Wolf
- Wolf Ka
Tue, May 04 2010
Hi Melba, this message comes to you from Miss Tina Harrison of the United Kingdom, Birmingham.
Your music was first brought to my attention when i joined my first group in 1983 and they asked me to sing two of your songs, as they said I sounded like you.  The songs I sang were, "Loves Coming At Ya" and "Gotta Make Your Mind Up Tonight."  "Loves Coming At Ya" was a hit wherever we sang. You were my inspriration to continue singing and I love all your music.
I did give up singing to have my family, which i regret, but i have been asked to start singing again, so I will continue on and practice with your songs, as you have a very powerful vocal range and if you ever decide to visit the UK please feel free to drop me a line so that I can hear you sing, maybe one day i would be able to sing with my idol, god bless you love from Tina in the UK x
- Tina Harrison
Sat, Aug 23 2008
Hello Ms. Melba Moore...I hope that all-is-well. You are definitely one of the best performers of all-time. I mean, you have your own distinctive sound that can't be compared to any. I have the "Melba Moore Greatest Hits" cd in my car, and on my ipod as-well. Thanks for being who you are Melba, and please know that you're special. Take care, and continued success to you. GOD Bless with Much, Love, and Many Blessings to You, and Yours!! Robb Keith Martin
- Robb Martin
Mon, Dec 06 2010