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Fans Speak

Hi Melba,
Well, I know that you can not believe it that I have been one of your biggest fans from this side of the world. I am very happy to have this time to talk to you. I started following you during the mid eighties whilst I was still a young girl. Now I am 37 years old and very much eager to know more about yourself. I hope one day you will come to this side, Zimbabwe and we as your fans are very much prepared to welcome you.
So stay cool, hey. May the God bless you.
- Memory Musarurwa
Fri, Dec 31 2010
I  have been a fan for a long time, I remember seeing you on Broadway in "Purlie". Both my mother and I enjoyed your performance. I am glad to see you still going strong, you are defintely a star and I look forward to your music.
P. Shepherd
- Pearl shepherd
Sat, Jan 08 2011
Have been a fans for a very long time, good to see you still hanging in there.  Would you consider doing Timbuktu again, it was the first stage play I took my daugther too, and now I have a grand daughter and would love her to see you in the play.  For me this play is unforgettable.
- Lorna Thomas
Wed, Mar 17 2010
Melba, doll, thank you for reminding us what "Beautiful Soul Singing" was about. You moved me in the film, "The Fighting Temptations", and today in your Home page's intro of your outstanding singing. There's a political/clergyman who says, "Let's keep hope alive". Well, my dear, you've managed to keep our Souls alive through your soulful singing. 
For that, thank you and keep 'Moving On'.
- Chester Lowe
Sun, Sep 19 2010
Hi Melba,
it is such  an honor for me to be a fan of yours, you are not only a God gifted talent, but you are a great woman in the Kingdom of God. You have one of the sweetest calming soothing angelic voice that I have ever heard. I thank God that I'm not only your fan, but we are also sisters in Christ. May God forever bless you in all that you do. 
Love you Melba,   
Catherine Tucker
- Catherine tucker
Fri, Feb 18 2011