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Fans Speak

God bless you. 
- Joe Garcia
Wed, May 26 2010
Hi Ms. Melba,
I remember hearing your voice when I was a little girl growing up and dreaming about being a singer. I am 36, I still admire your vocal talent and personality.

I appreciate you singing Gospel, Christ-centered music. Also, I might add that your hair is beautiful. How do you get that gorgeous style?

- Tysha Pollard Jones
Always a star in my book!
- Annette perry
Thu, Feb 03 2011
Hi Melba!  My mother and I were at your show in St. Louis last night.  We met you after the show and you said such kind things to us. I want you to know how wonderfully soul-stirring your show was. I have loved you since I was a child and saw you in "Purlie". I am so happy for you and will continue to pray for your continual succes, happiness, and all the blessings God has in store for you. You deserve the best! God Bless!!!
- Michelle hyde
Sat, Apr 20 2002
Ms. Moore, I'm probably one of your newest fans. Let me begin by saying what an AMAZING talent you are. I'm currently listening to your "older" stuff (Free, Lean on me, Playboy Scout) and I'm in a state of "WOW." It's hard to title these tracks as "older" since their sound and your voice are timeless. While listening to your music...I had to find out more about you, so I googled your name and was excited to read about your MANY accomplishments. This is truly something to be proud of. Your talent has transcended and transformed many.

Have you thought of coming to San Francisco? The Empire Plush Room at the York Hotel has a great cabaret space for you, possibly your one woman show.

- Pedro Arista
Thu, Sep 20 2001