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Fans Speak

Finally got a chance to watch the fighting temptations; watched it three times after. Had to give Melba her props, i've beem around awhile (retired mil) and seen a few live performances, very happy to see her face and hear that magnificent voice again. Love to see and hear more?"
- Reggie burke
Melba saw you on Oprah Legends Ball and there's photo's every where on the Internet you look great.

Eric :)
My Heart Belongs To You
- Eric
Hola Melba!!!
Te escribo desde Canary Island (Spain).

Eres una bella inspiracion para mi vida Amo tu musica y el sonido de los 80's. Paul Lawrence Jones III, the best producer R&B/Funk.

I Love you Melba.
- "Pablo ""Jammy"""
Ms. Moore, I have been a fan of yours since the musical "Hair." Years ago people used to mistake me for you. As a young woman, I would stare at the pictures on your albums for hours. By appreciating your beauty, I learned how to appreciate my own.

"Peach Melba" is one of my all time favorite albums. My old record player broke a few months ago and I found this website while searching for a site where I could purchase the CD. I love the soft, yet powerful, crystal clear clarity of your soulful voice. You are definitely one of the greatest singers of all times.

May God bless you Ms. Moore.
- Wendy Nash
Hi Ms Melba ... IT'S ABOUT TIME THAT I PROCLAIMED MYSELF... A FAN! I AM...I HAVE BEEN...WILL ALWAYS BE...WE WOULD LIKE TO SEE YOU IN ORLANDO FLORIDA...AND are the folks here to make that happen...In the meantime I will continue, for this last week, to play YOUR music on my Internet radio
- Tommy Webb