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Fans Speak

Melba Moore, you are such an inspiration to me. I remember seeing you on TV acting in the play "Pearlie," I was so impressed. You could do so many things with your voice and your acting was phenomenal.
I recently had to perform a monologe of the biblical character Queen Esther at a Women's retreat in Gatlinberg Tennessee, and I drew from what I remembered seeing you perform years ago in the play "Pearlie". The women at the retreat loved my perfomace.
I also saw you on TBN Christian Broadcating Televsion in an interview. Melba Moore, I sure would love to meet you in person one day. Will you make that happen for me? You are such a talented woman.
Blessings to you!
Denise Gordon
Cincinnati, Ohio
- Denise Gordon
Fri, May 23 2008
Ms. Moore,
I am and have been a loyal fan of yours for years. I love your music, and I love you as a person. You are truly blessed, gifted, and talented. Thank you so much. I'm a friend /fan of yours on MYSPACE also.
May the Lord continue to Bless You, and Thanks to Ron for all of the Love he shows you.
Peace and Respect,
- Angela Sparks
Sun, Aug 20 2006
Hi Melba, this message comes to you from Miss Tina Harrison of the United Kingdom, Birmingham.
Your music was first brought to my attention when i joined my first group in 1983 and they asked me to sing two of your songs, as they said I sounded like you.  The songs I sang were, "Loves Coming At Ya" and "Gotta Make Your Mind Up Tonight."  "Loves Coming At Ya" was a hit wherever we sang. You were my inspriration to continue singing and I love all your music.
I did give up singing to have my family, which i regret, but i have been asked to start singing again, so I will continue on and practice with your songs, as you have a very powerful vocal range and if you ever decide to visit the UK please feel free to drop me a line so that I can hear you sing, maybe one day i would be able to sing with my idol, god bless you love from Tina in the UK x
- Tina Harrison
Sat, Aug 23 2008
Ms. Melba, I wanted to let you know your new sound is great. You still have that very nice smooth sound to your voice. May God continue to Bless you with your gift.
- Cc ellis
Fri, Dec 03 2010
God bless you. 
- Joe Garcia
Wed, May 26 2010