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Fans Speak

Hi Ms. Moore,
I am a huge fan of your music. Unfortunately one of the best CDS that I had of your music was taken from me (A Little bit Moore The Best of Melba Moore). I have not been able to finnd it again anywhere. I hope I find it one day because that music was pure excitement and enjoyment. I also look forward to hearing your Gospel CD. You truly are the best. PS I loved you in "Fighting Temptations" and as expected your voice was incredible.
- Alan Nash
Melba, I'm so glad to see that you have returned as strong as ever! I have been a fan of yours since your days on your TV show with Clifton Davis. Ms Moore you are one of the LEGENDS, there is no question about it...your voice range is awesome!  I have had the pleasure of meeting you in person, you appeared at a night club in Tampa, Fl.  I was not a cluber, but due to the fact that you were appearing there, I went...I was not disappointed.  I also saw you on the Monique show and I was so glad to see you looking so well...God is good and he is truly giving you everything that you deserve and more, welcome back. 
Much Love and many Blessings!
- Rosalind Harris
Sat, Mar 06 2010
I remember when you starred in the Broadway play "Hair", from that moment I became a fan of yours.I'm 52 now and very happy to know that you are  still pleasing us with your talent I've seen you on an Unsung episode and you're still beautiful. May God continue to bless you love
- Joseph chisholm
Mon, Mar 14 2011
Melba, I am so glad you are back! Better than ever. Will it ever be possible to see your plays and performances on TV?  You are better than ever, a precious jewel. A gift  to us! Everyone should experience Melba Moore.You are the best! Girl I hope you do know how good you are. God Bless and I Love You!
- Clara Hatch
Fri, Feb 29 2008
I am so very, very happy to listen to your recent music.  I will always cherish listening to you all night long in Irving, NJ and having to go to work in the morning in Newark, NJ.  You are beautiful and gifted and that's why you are still doing it and doing it. 
Love you much.  
Julia McAfee
Houston, TX
- Julia McAfee
Wed, Dec 09 2009