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Fans Speak

Dear Melba,I'm so happy to be on your guestbook. Guess What! I've been impressed with your singing for many many years since the 1970's. I listened to your songs, purchased them and studied them. I've always loved your voice. About 3 years ago down at City Hall in Newark during Gospel month I saw you there when you sang "Lift Every Voice." I am a former member of Dr. Albert J. Lewis Jr's choir, World Gospel Musical Association.I am presently with Proclaim Choir of Montclair, NJ. founded by Ira J. Roberts formerly known as "Chico Mendoza." I haven't kept up with you in a while because I've been on the go but you are still in my heart.  LOVELY VOICE...  
- Gail hale
Sun, Dec 02 2007
Melba, I am so glad you are back! Better than ever. Will it ever be possible to see your plays and performances on TV?  You are better than ever, a precious jewel. A gift  to us! Everyone should experience Melba Moore.You are the best! Girl I hope you do know how good you are. God Bless and I Love You!
- Clara Hatch
Fri, Feb 29 2008
I am so very, very happy to listen to your recent music.  I will always cherish listening to you all night long in Irving, NJ and having to go to work in the morning in Newark, NJ.  You are beautiful and gifted and that's why you are still doing it and doing it. 
Love you much.  
Julia McAfee
Houston, TX
- Julia McAfee
Wed, Dec 09 2009
You are the GREAT! You are always welcome in ITALY!  When will you come to Tuscany or Florence?
THANKS for your VOICE!!!
- Enrico Rossi
Sun, Aug 17 2008
As I write this I am watching "Purlie". It was broadcast on TV several years ago.

I think you are marvelous!

Barry Miller
- Barry miller