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Fans Speak

Hi Melba,
I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was that you donated your time to perform on the Collaborations CD for the Tri-YMCA Katrina project....your song is wonderful!
Roy Schryver
- Roy schryver
Sat, Aug 07 2010
Melba, I saw you in Purlie in 1970 and have never forgotten your splendid voice! I've been humming 'I Got Love' for all these years and hearing you belt it out like no one can. Bless you for your dedication and persistence.  You are truly an unforgettable artist.
- Mary Menendez
Thu, May 12 2011
Ms. Melba, I first saw you at the Apollo while viewing your billboard and you had a fur coat walking down the street and i called out to you, you turned around and gave my boyfriend and I your autograph. We literally grew up thru your albums and "Lean On Me Was" my conscience that guided me. it was God singing to me. My entire family fell in love with you thru my playing your songs. When your life was challenged I prayed with your loved ones when you came out of your circumstance i was right there with you and you are even more beautiful. The holy spirit was always shut up in your bones!!! Thank you for all the love--------------vanS
- Murdw sew
Melba, please come back  to Houston...I got to see you at the Miller Outdoor Theatre and you were simply wonderful!  If you heard someone screaming your name, that was me! I love your angelic voice, your talent and your spirit. 
I fell in love with your spirit when I was a teenager.  I followed you in Purlie, I raced through homework to watch you and Clifton Davis in your variety show.  I thought you and Clifton Davis were the perfect couple (l loved Clifon too).  I was so disappointed when you two separated.  And I have always loved your music.
When I heard "Lean On Me" for the first time, that was it for me...I still remember how your voice just brought chills all over me, I still have the album.  I remember setting the turntable arm to play that song over and over again.  There aren't many artists I  go "coo coo for coco puffs" over  but you are certainly one of them (Prince is the other).
Pure god-given talent...All -around talent.  You do it all.  I truly missed you... Please bring your one woman show  to Houston.
You are a gem!
- Shirley Caldwell
Mon, Oct 01 2007
Melba Moore,
You are a naturally beautiful person.  I became a fan of yours when I saw you in "Purlie".  I have not seen "Purlie" in years.  "Purile" is my 77 year old mother's favorite play.  I have been searching for years for this video for my mother and I. 
I was a young child when I saw the play and the following statements and thoughts are tattooed to  my mind...when you struggled to get your words out and you kept changing statements and then you said, "Well his heart stop beating didn't it"?  Finally, when someone asked "Get Low how low can you go"?  I ordered the DVD on June 17, 2010 and I can not wait to show it to my mother.  She will be so excited.
On behalf of the Simmons/WIlson family. May God Bless You, we enjoy you and we wish you much success.
Gwen Wilson
Buffalo, NY
- Gwendolyn Wilson
Thu, Jun 24 2010