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Fans Speak

Melba, I am so glad you are back! Better than ever. Will it ever be possible to see your plays and performances on TV?  You are better than ever, a precious jewel. A gift  to us! Everyone should experience Melba Moore.You are the best! Girl I hope you do know how good you are. God Bless and I Love You!
- Clara Hatch
Fri, Feb 29 2008
It's Christmas time and I just pulled your Christmas
CD out today, Merry Christmas!
- Eric Cummings
Mon, Oct 01 2007
Ms. Moore, I'm probably one of your newest fans. Let me begin by saying what an AMAZING talent you are. I'm currently listening to your "older" stuff (Free, Lean on me, Playboy Scout) and I'm in a state of "WOW." It's hard to title these tracks as "older" since their sound and your voice are timeless. While listening to your music...I had to find out more about you, so I googled your name and was excited to read about your MANY accomplishments. This is truly something to be proud of. Your talent has transcended and transformed many.

Have you thought of coming to San Francisco? The Empire Plush Room at the York Hotel has a great cabaret space for you, possibly your one woman show.

- Pedro Arista
Thu, Sep 20 2001
Melba  "Love Is"  is  a beautiful  song.   This  is  what  I  try  to  preach  everyday,  LOVE,   there  is  some  good in  everyone.   We  need  to  go  back  and  love  each  other  like  we  did  back  in the  day.   Love  you  Melba.!!!!
- Pam Collins
Mon, Jan 17 2011
You are the GREAT! You are always welcome in ITALY!  When will you come to Tuscany or Florence?
THANKS for your VOICE!!!
- Enrico Rossi
Sun, Aug 17 2008