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Fans Speak

Ms. Moore visited the church I belong to today and she really blessed our souls with her awesome voice.
- Michelle Burrows
Sun, Jan 23 2011
There are some who sing and there are those who SANG! You still got it girl! Even better now than ever!! A blessing and a privilege to work with you again!
- Rahni Song
Wed, Oct 06 2010
Hi Melba,
it is such  an honor for me to be a fan of yours, you are not only a God gifted talent, but you are a great woman in the Kingdom of God. You have one of the sweetest calming soothing angelic voice that I have ever heard. I thank God that I'm not only your fan, but we are also sisters in Christ. May God forever bless you in all that you do. 
Love you Melba,   
Catherine Tucker
- Catherine tucker
Fri, Feb 18 2011
Hi, just wanted to tell you I think you have a beautiful voice and you're appearance is flawless. One of my co-workers loves your music and has several of your songs.
Keep on bringing your inspirational music, it's soothing to the ears as well as the spirit.
- Renee coleman
Sat, Mar 12 2011
Hi Melba,
I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was that you donated your time to perform on the Collaborations CD for the Tri-YMCA Katrina project....your song is wonderful!
Roy Schryver
- Roy schryver
Sat, Aug 07 2010