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Fans Speak

This is a very nice site.
- Cook
Melba you were better than ever at your Allentown, PA performance at Mayfair in 2003. Everyone with you was so nice to me and one guy even called me Mr. Steel Pier!!! What an honer. Your co-hosting with Ed Hurst was great in 1977 and your "This Is It" LP is a classic with the Van McCoy tunes "Free" and "Lean On Me".
I also love your disco hit in 1979 "Pick Me Up, I'll Dance" and your Bee Gees cover of "You Stepped Into My Life".  I guess I told you all this in 03. I'm so very happy to know that you are still going strong. I hope you return to the Lehigh Valley again real soon.
Take care and God Bless from the Real Humdinger.
- Steve winger
Seems like many, many years ago I saw you singing as a guest on the old Mike Douglas TV show . . . Your outrageous high and all over the register vocals just absolutely captivated me . . . I rushed out and bought what I think had to be one of, if not, the first album you did . . . I don't remember the title but i remember your picture . . . your hair was in a "fro" and you were then as you are now . . . BEAUTIFUL!
Be well Ms Moore.

Ray Sheibley X X X
- Ray Sheibley
Hello Melba,
I just want to say thank you for all of your music over the years. I enjoyed your performance in the play, "Purlie". I wish you would do more tours.  However, I did note where you are on tour with Mel'isa Morgan.  I hope you will continue to walk with Christ.  You have a voice that can have a significant impact.  Congratulations on a fantastic career and I look forward to hearing more from you.
Love you much!!!
- P. M. Magee
Sat, Oct 04 2008
Hi Melba,

I've been a fan of yours since I was a little girl. I saw you in Purlie and I remember the Melba Moore/Clifton Davis Show!!!!! It's great to see you doing so well. Peace and Blessings, Kim
- Kimberly J